More Malago – Withywood, Manor Woods Valley and Hartcliffe Way

I am really making an effort to try to take photos every day at the moment, even if it’s just photos of my commute through the condensation-coated bus windows.

Luckily for me, I’m working in south Bristol, and, like I wrote last week, am using the opportunity to explore the Malago, when the weather’s up to it. I’d had a slip-and-slide through the mud in the little copse of woods around the Malago in the Withywood housing estate, with green shoots of bulbs and spring plants to come.

Photos here – if you mouse over or click on the first photo, it should take you to the slideshow, or at least the flickr album.

Exploring the Malago, Withywood

On Friday I got to leave work early, so walked down through Manor Woods Valley, racing the dusk to see the river lower down. It was all rush of water, birdsong, muddy grass and glimpses of spring, just what I needed. I especially liked slipping down to take photos of the weir, as the sun was setting.

I finished that walk by running across Hartcliffe Way to see what the Malago looks like once it meets Pigeonhouse Stream, and before turning over the edge – urban, full of litter, but still, a corridor of nature.

The River Malago, Manor Woods Valley

Again, mouse over/click the first photo, or just hit up the flickr album.

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