Some of my summer obsessions: fish, water lillies, jetties and rope

This summer I had some particular obsessions walking around the Floating Harbour.

Harbour fish

Photos in a slideshow, or in a flickr album and some little films

Watching the fish

I don’t know whether there have always been a lot of water lilies in the Harbour, and I’ve never noticed them before, or if the heatwave made them grow more, but I really liked them this summer.  I especially liked the weird large leaves that grow below the surface, and put out the little traditional surface leaves.  Slideshow below, or flickr album

water lilies, reflections, Underfall Yard

And I’ve always loved the jetties, but I got really excited about the jetties and the ropes in the sunshine.  The combinations of lines, or straight lines and tangled ropes, made me happy.  Slideshow below, and flickr album

Jetties, ropes

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