The ugly Brandon Hill water feature

I must have noticed the ugly water feature on Brandon Hill before – the pond that’s by the viewpoint benches is concrete and usually full of weed, but I don’t think I realised how far it goes up, until I was walking home from work over the hill one day.

There are the concrete sides, the total lack of softening planting (and that makes sense with a concrete base, as usually plants that soften ponds like damp soil – and maybe the heatwave killed anything that’s usually there?), and I couldn’t work out if the little waterfall sections are made of concrete or fibreglass, but they’re just ugly!  Still, it makes me smile, because looking this bad is impressive in its own way.

Flickr album of the water feature in August – mouse/swipe over it to start the slideshow, or click through to it.

The ugly Brandon Hill water feature

And a couple of photos from walking with Sharon Townson in the rain in September, including looking down at it from Cabot Tower:

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