River and Harbour films, 18th June

Such a hot day, and of course I’m wishing I could take photos of rain on the surface of the river and the Harbour in the middle of a heatwave…  But I went out to film and see how it all works in the sun.

First, the outflow, slowly letting water from the Harbour into the River.  Here, two waters meet.  50mm lens on my Canon DSLR:

And here’s looking down at the outflow, using Tim’s GoPro Hero Session on a telescopic painting stick:

Here’s my set-up:

Then, on to the Harbour, and playing with the GoPro and different levels of the telescopic stick.  It turns out the depth, if you go up from the Cottage pub, is only about 2 metres by the edge of the Harbour, but it all looks pretty much the same in the sunshine:

More film-ettes – just under the surface, around 30cm deep, and seeing what the plants look like, between the Cottage and the Marina.

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