Underwater films – Bristol Harbour, June 2017

I’m a bit obsessed with murky, underwater photography.  I shot a lot of photos with really crappy underwater film cameras during my degree, and I love them, but I never did much with them.  But I’ve always wanted to do more, and I really wanted to do some filming, so I borrowed my friend Tim’s GoPro Session and headed to the Harbour.

This film was from around midday, cloudy, and so many things went wrong.  I couldn’t see anything to attach the camera to, so held it in the water, I guess around a foot deep, and the best thing I can say is that I didn’t drop it into the Harbour.  I also attached it to one of the hooks at the top of the water, but it moved too much to work.  So many things went wrong – the worst thing was my disposable camera got water in it, and when I was re-winding the film, the mechanism jammed, and I basically lost the film.  Dogs, swans, but basically myself on a day where nothing would work.

Later that day I went back with Vik to try to take photos of rain hitting the Harbour.  It seemed like it would be easy – the sky was that incredible dark blue-grey, with rainclouds massing…  but it didn’t actually come to rain.  This time we realised there are chains looped along the Harbour wall, and we pulled it up, attached the camera to it, and let the camera sit around 2 feet down.  The sky was cloudy, it was around 9pm, and overcast.  I like the difference in colours, but it wasn’t exactly successful…  except the whole thing was also incredibly helpful, and I have a thousand ideas for things I want to do again…

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