Same river, same day

Two weeks ago, we had one of those Bristol days, that started misty and murky and ended beautiful and spring-like.  I crossed Gaol Ferry Bridge twice – here’s my compare-n-contrast.

Misty morning – looking west, then east:

Misty Avon, Gaol Ferry Bridge

Misty Avon, Gaol Ferry Bridge

A few hours later, it was looking very different.  The tide had come in and was going out again, but it was a beautiful May evening.  Looking west:

Sunny Avon, Gaol Ferry bridge

And the gorgeous spring shadows, showing the structure of the trees through the fresh young canopy.  I love that combination of sunshine and shadows on the river:

Sun and shadows on the Avon

And looking east, with the shadow of the bridge – it really needs to be a higher tide for that perfect shot, but still, it makes me smile.

Gaol Ferry Bridge shadows



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