March Frome commuting

Back in March, I was temping in Eastville, with one of those annoying commutes that had lot of options, all of them with something irritating about them.  But one of the routes intersected with the River Frome in a place I’ve never been to.  When walking the Frome, I’ve always got to the end of Eastville Park and then turned down under the M32, rather than the curve of Glenfrome/Heath Road, and while there’s not much to see of it, it’s still really interesting.

First, the view from the bridge on Muller Road, looking north:

The Frome, Eastville

You don’t get to see much more, walking up Heath Road, until on Glenfrome Road, the houses stop, and there’s a fence you can put your camera through, and see the river curve.  Looking south:

Eastville Frome

Looking north, as the road curves and a big wall blocks the river

Frome curve

I didn’t get a photo I liked, but the gardens in the curve of the river look fantastic – especially the one where they’ve taken down their fence so the garden runs right to the water, with a barbeque and a trampoline by the water (what could possibly go wrong?).  I loved the balconies and structures built to give these houses access or ways to enjoy the water.

From Glenfrome Road, the river is well hidden, especially when the plants grow up the fence

Behind here, a river

Got to admit, I’m pretty fascinated what graffiti was on that wall…

Morning sun, Frome curve

Morning Frome

And finally, standing under the M32, looking down the river I’d walked up





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