Dreich Holga photos

It’s a dreich, dull April – I laughed, because double-checking the spelling of dreich, the Oxford Dictionary example of how to use it is ‘a cold, dreich early April day’.  I still haven’t replaced my broken film cameras, but on Saturday, I took one of Vik’s Holgas – a plastic-lensed, medium-format, very basic camera, with 160iso film, because we didn’t have any 400.  And I’m really enjoying the results.  First, some shots from Ashton Avenue Bridge, with the outflow from Colliter’s Brook into the Avon, and across the river, Ashton Brook (a historic County boundary).

Avon mud

Where Ashton Brook meets the Avon

Then, up to the Avon viewpoint, and the gorgeous mud around the Cumberland Basin walls, where the Floating Harbour meets the Avon

Avon viewpoint, Holga

Mud, Holga

It’s been a while since I’ve used a Holga, and while I remembered about the way the viewfinder is off-set, and not above the lens, so you have to take that into account, I’d completely forgotten that what comes out on the image shows a lot more than you can see through that viewfinder.  So when I was aiming for this kind of composition:

Mud and water

It actually came out more like this:

Full sized version

So take that into account with the images!  The one at the top of the post is a crop of this mud picture:

Avon mud, Holga

More photos from around the very edge of the Cumberland Basin, and of the Entrance Lock into the Harbour.   It was a strangely still day, all reflections, birdsong and water in the air.

The end of the Floating Harbour

Avon reflections, dreich day

Entrance Lock

Entrance Lock reflections

I really enjoyed that jaunt, and am amazed that I liked 11 out of 12 of the shots, not including the crops, and I’m definitely going to be stealing Vik’s cameras again…

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